Divergent Quiz – Which Faction Do You Belong In?

Which Divergent Faction Are You?

Divergent Quiz: What do you think you will see in the near future? What would yours look like? There are plenty of aspects of the future that are predicted in different series and movies. But do you have a clue which is our favorite? Divergent was one of our top choices when its television series was launched in the year the year 2016. At first, Veronica Roth wrote a novel that was based on four books known as the Divergent Trilogy. The entire novel definitely inspired us to think of our Faction. Have you considered what faction you’d best fit in Divergent? Divergent series? There is a way to avoid this! All you have to do is to answer the 20 questions from The Divergent Faction Trivia. These questions are vital because they going to help you determine which direction you will take in the near future.

Let’s first explore the depths of divergent before we take the Divergent Facts Quiz.

Why is the Story of Divergent Loved By All?

Divergent is a story about the protagonist Beatrice Prior (changed her name to Tris following the film’s release) and her companions who reside in Chicago. The world has experienced the most terrifying threats, and in the future, the fate of human beings is determined by their traits and personalities. Prior is the only one who stands out from the rest of us and it is as if she’s not a part to the world at large.

Each person in the world of the future has been divided into 5 distinct groups. It could be interpreted as if every human has to conform to any of the five molds or they isn’t considered suitable for the society. The whole situation is a problem for the 16 year old girl Prior since she doesn’t fit into one of the five molds due to her uniqueness. Prior has the title “Divergent”, the one who has enough power to stop the world that is sinking. Are you aware of what Divergent is?

Prior’s task to keep her in the shadows of vile government organizations and to listen to her own conscience while doing so isn’t an easy task. It’s a remarkable woman and if you’re ready to join her in this fight for justice, you should take the Divergent Faction Quiz is the only choice for you.

Divergent Factions

Which Divergent Quiz Faction Are You Most Like?

Five factions exist, so prior to the test, you must choose one based on your abilities be sure to be aware at a minimum about the five factions. Your future is based on them.


Abnegation is a faction that is comprised of people who are selfless and live for the benefit of other people. Humans are more similar to angels (as in fact) and they do not chase for luxuries or money Their goal is to help humanity in the most efficient way possible. We would like that our Earth was a place where people were similar to this! The great part is that the coming world will benefit from these and, even within them the top 50 are selected. The 50 chosen are those who are in charge of the government.

Divergent Quiz: They are usually responsible for ensuring that things run efficiently and democratically. You can tell Abnegation apart by their plain grey attire (both both women and men). The only thing they own is a watch as they are friendly, courteous and compassionate as opposed the Hunger Games.


Are you an Erudite? If you’re looking to become one, you need to study hard to join this group. They can make a society liveable by gaining knowledge and wisdom. On the roles of teachers writers, historians, historians scientists, and so on. They are highly knowledgeable and don’t engage in any sort of bad activities because their main goal is to learn and gain experience.

It is possible to identify one who is Erudite by their work and the glasses they wear (even when they do not have problems with sight, they still wear to appear like an nerd!) Additionally, they wear blue clothes to remain in a calm state and display their knowledge. They are the brains of the society.


Dauntless faction claims to defend those who are innocent and incapable of protecting their rights or themselves. Whatever you want them to do, they’ll do it, regardless of whether it’s falling off a building or jumping off of trains or fighting monsters.

Divergent Quiz: They intimidate their enemies by their appearance and appearance. They are fighters, and they can literally leap into action without thinking about it.


This group emphasizes the importance of honesty. The only thing they talk about is awareness and honesty and they believe that deceit and deceit can cause problems in the world. If you’d like to be part of this group then you aren’t able to hide or be honest about anything Your life is an open-book.

As law enforcement officers and leaders of the highest order Candors dress in the black and white uniform and are not a believer in ostentatiousness of any kind. They are extremely exact in their guidelines. Divergent Quiz


Amities are cheerful, easy and loving people. They live life as normal people and don’t have much to wish for. All they require is love and peace in the world. Amities take up the space and are employed in jobs such as farming or counseling, as well as artists. They play an important part in the balance of the social system and spreading positive energy.

As we mentioned earlier Amity’s express their enthusiasm through the vibrant shades they wear (mostly yellow and red). They prefer simplicity and remain a family and you could say they form a bond with every faction.

Divergent Quiz – Which Faction Do You Belong In?

We’ve made it easier for you. You don’t have to take an Aptitude Test to find out which Divergent Faction you belong to? You can test yourself the way you want to with our Divergent Quiz. We wish you the best and wish you an enjoyable and prosperous future!

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