Stranger Things Quiz – Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Which Stranger Things Character Are You Quiz

The Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ was a huge success due to its characters, storyline, and science-fiction style. Due to the ongoing epidemic, the new season was put back. Just as the fans were went crazy season 4 airs in May 2022. This Stranger Things Quiz is updated in line with the new season.

The plot is filled with thrill and excitement when the middle school students are on a mission to find their friend Will However they came across a strange girl who doesn’t speak properly however she is gifted with amazing abilities.

It is certain that the tale will become more thrilling when the story is replete with an unstoppable creature (Mind Flayer). Are you courageous enough to take on such challenges? If so then you need to be aware of what kind of stranger do you possess? We can help you with this! Enjoy this Stranger Things are you Quiz and answer some intriguing questions to discover which Stranger Things Character is like you?

Which Stranger Things Character Are You Most Like?

Stranger Things Quiz

The Stranger Things Test is ready to put a smile on your face. First, however! You have to be familiar with the characters. If you think you know all about the show, and you also have passed our The Most Expensive Stranger Things Quiz and passed, then you’re in good shape!


Eleven is the name of the girl who was discovered to be found by Mike, Dustin, and Lucas as she was terrified of someone, and hiding. She was unable to talk about anything because she had never spoken with anyone before. It was later revealed that Eleven who was actually Jane Ives was kidnapped and was raised within the Hawkins National Laboratory where she was tortured to test her abilities due to the powers she had.

Her powers include telepathy Telekinesis, Extra-sensory perception, psychometry, manipulation of portals memory reading remote viewing, levitation. In short, the bulk of the sci-fi elements of the show lies in her abilities. Eleven used her powers with care when she saved those that saved her as well as took on The Mind Flayer. She also had a clean and loving heart, and she admitted her affection for Mike. So who do you think is the Stranger Things Character Is Your Soulmate?

Will Byers

The plot in Stranger Things revolved around the kidnapping of Will. Will is a charming and charming boy that is unique from the other kids his age. He is an extremely smart boy who enjoys science. He’s also very proficient at writing. Due to his passions, he gets often bullied at school.

Will be taken away by Demogorgon into a different world which was known as “Upside Down’. The family and friends of his mother faced any danger to save him. Surprisingly, he was healthy when he returned, but only from the outside, He was taken over by Mind Flayer. But, Will was released from this challenge with Nancy along with his loved ones’ assistance.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy’s personality has been an inspirational figure for all girls admirers. Nancy was devastated after her best friend Barbara disappears. She was unable to comprehend the events that were happening and decided to track Barbara with the assistance of a few friends.

Her private life has always been amidst grave problems, be it the bullying at school or her cheating partner Steve Harrington. In the process of determining what was the real reason behind this string of incidents, Nancy and Jonathan decided to give themselves a shot and began the same relationship.

In terms of Nancy’s personality is concerned, she has a the courage and curiosity. Nancy discovered the truth about Hawkins National Laboratory. with Hawkins National Laboratory and even assisted in releasing Will. Nancy has saved lives numerous times because she was proficient in the field of arm fire. You can find out how much your character has a resemblance to Nancy in the show through the Stranger Things Quiz.

Joyce Byers

Joyce is portrayed as the perfect mother in Stranger Things. Although she was depressed following the disappearance of her son Will disappeared, she never lost hope in his future. Joyce felt compelled to believe to believe that her son was alive, even though she saw a body with all the hallmarks of Will but she didn’t sign the papers or told anyone she believed that Will is alive. Fortunately she was right, and all her hard work was paid.

In addition to being a wonderful mom, Joyce was also a decent human being who helped children in all sorts of problem. Joyce also had a close relationship that was close to Bob Newby and Jim Hopper however both lost their lives while helping other people.

Jim Hopper

Hopper is the chief of police of Hawkins, Indiana. It may seem like a normal life from afar, but the loss of his daughter and divorce left an enormous hole in his life , which caused Hopper lose his responsibility and he became reckless with his job. However, he Hopper was able to help Joyce to unravel the mystery of Will’s disappearance because he was grieving the loss of losing an infant.

When things returned to normal following Will’s return, Hopper brought Eleven to his house and began to treat her like his daughter. In addition, he legalized adoption of Eleven as well as gave her the name of his father, Eleven Hopper. In the end, Hopper sacrificed his life to defend the town of Starcourt Mall from Russian in the Starcourt Mall, but there is a chance that he’s alive and in prison.

Mike Wheeler

If one phrase could describe the character Mike in Stranger Things then it would certainly be “Loyal”. In the course of the tale, Mike has risked his life to protect his friends without fear. When he realized Will could be alive and in dangerous situation. He joined forces with his buddies Lucas and Dustin to find him.

Mike did not think he’d meet the most incredible person while searching for the missing person. Mike brought Eleven believing that she was aware the truth about Will’s disappearance. In just a couple of hours, Mike and Eleven were close as best friends. Eleven was also able to assist the boys bring Will home from Upside Down.

Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer as well called ‘The Monster’ is the demon and villainous element in the plot. Through the lab research, the universe was his control was named The Upside Down was given a access point to the world of today. One of the demons Demogorgon was able to take the lives of innocent people. Mind Flayer aimed to enter this world to end the species, but he was defeated by Eleven and her companions.

There is no way to define the physical appearance Mind Flayer properly, because in Will’s dreams, he was not clear. He was tall, with many legs and a body that was like a spider and dark red eyes. creepy!

Stranger Things Personality Test

Stranger Things Personality quiz

Are you prepared to enter Hawkins and be surrounded by these mystical things? What are you waiting for? Click here to take the Stranger Things Personality Test to determine which Stranger Things Character Am I right now!

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