We Own This City Quiz – Which Character Are You?

Which We Own This City Character Aare You Quiz

It’s never easy to decide which route to take! In the same way, it’s a challenge to figure out what We Own This City character do you identify with? (Right!) There’s no need to be insane as the Ultimate We Own City Character Quiz will provide you with the character you want to be with 99.99 100% accuracy.

Why Is We Own This City Character So Popular?

The truth is about how HBO has given it one of the most acclaimed successes in the form of “We Are the Owners of This City. The show may not be long, but you’ll know the reason it gained not just a lot of attention! In the beginning, the creators George Pelecanos and David Simon have some big names on their resumes, like The Deuce as well as The Wire. The characters are top-of-the-line in their expertise and have truly benefited from their roles. What do we forget? The story in We Own This City has stunned everyone. Not just because it is an actual story told of Justin Fenton, but also because it exposes the most sinister details in Baltimore’s police department. Baltimore Police Department.

What’s We Own This City About?

Its tale of We Own This City revolves around a particular unit. It’s part of the force of Baltimore called The Gun Trace Task Force. As a component of the Baltimore police department, their role is to safeguard the rights of citizens and those they serve however, they are not adhering to the purpose they’re employed to serve. The GTTF is assigned to combat the drug trade and other crimes using not just weapons, but intelligence, too. However, this particular group begins to serve its own interests rather than serving the interests of people.

They Engage In Actions

such as stealing drugs from drug dealers and securing people without reason, and creating fake evidence to protect those who are ready to pay to be released. In the end corruption has taken over the city, and Nicole Steele from the Department of Justice is seeking out clues whenever she suspects that the unit is preparing something shady. In the midst of this chaos, figuring out which We Own This City character is a bit difficult however, our quiz can help you help!

Which Are The Most Favorite Characters In We Own This City?

There are many who have cast their votes to select one of the “Best 4 Characters in We Own This City.” Are you eager to see at the people on the list and the others are left out? Read below before you take the We Own This City Test or We Own This City Quiz.

We Own This Characters - HBO
We Own This Characters – HBO

Wayen Jenkins

The talented Jon Bernthal, Wayne’s character is quite different from anything we’ve seen before. He’s materialistic to the core and doesn’t care about what it takes to obtain what that he wants. Jenkins is not a big criminal Jenkins and Jenkins was the person who lent more encouragement to the team. They continued to indulge with fraud. Jenkins was as a racketeer, playing with documents, manipulating, and improper use of power.

Resembling Jenkins Indicates that you’re an ego-centric person and you choose your priorities before others. You might have motives for it however, it’s the truth that you’re chasing things that could cause problems for you in the near future (and you’re aware of that!) however, you’re unable to resist yourself. Even though you let others benefit, but be aware that one bad thing could draw you to the others!

Wayne Jenkins – We Own This City

Nicole Steele

Nicole Steele is the attorney and needs to determine what’s all the saga in Baltimore Police Department about. This is among the most difficult jobs Steele has ever had to face. She isn’t sure what’s in store for her, since the city’s heroes is the one who is taking it down. Steele is facing death threats of a serious nature but her determination and determination ability to fight back will provide her with the motivation she requires for a determined strategy to find the evidence and clues.

Steele’s Personality is akin to those who hold their hearts and are willing to take on the most severe consequences, but who will never take the wrong choice at the cost of integrity. People who have the same character as her are intelligent and keen, trusting in facts instead of just a few words. It’s virtually impossible to influence her. We Own This City Quiz

Nicole Steele – We Own This City

Momodu or G Money Gondo

Gondo is presented as a skilled police officer with the capacity to spot things before they happen. Gondo is the one who was the most personally involved in this dark business and actively assisting the drug trade in Baltimore. This is why the Attorney started looking into him, and the evidence against him was strong. Gondo does not think about the endof the road, He lives in the present. That is what led to him being shackled.

If you’re similar to Gondo then you’re strong and determined. You don’t really care about what other people think or feel, but instead you live your life around the needs that can make your weaker within. It is important to remember yourself in all the attention. We Own This City Quiz

Momodu “G-Money” Gondo – We Own This City

Kevin Davis

It’s actually an Interim Baltimore PD police commissioner Kevin Davis. He was the leader of the team of investigators conducting an investigation into GTTF. He is a senior and proficient police officer. The job clearly requires the expertise of a veteran police officer and Davis was a perfect fit for the job. In spite of the stress, Davis never let his team down.

Being like Davis is to be an athlete who doesn’t require direction. You’re born to be a leader and create history. You don’t rely on orders, but instead you are the person who lets everyone see the perspectives that not all eyes see. You’re impeccable and helpful that makes you a well-known person all over the world.

Kevin Davis – We Own This City

Which We Own This City Character Are Your Most Like?

The weapons are loaded, and the target has been determined! Check out this We Own This City Trivia and find your answer to that most important questions. Are you in search of which own this character are you? Then don’t hesitate to answer the given question below. Don’t be insecure The world is waiting for you.

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